The Shadow Payroll Maturity Model

Benchmark your shadow payroll process and understand how to make significant cost and time-savings with our comprehensive guide.

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Learn how you can optimise your shadow payroll process with The Shadow Payroll Maturity Model.

With the ever-growing need for efficiency and access to new technologies, automated shadow payroll processes have become imperative for companies with a globally mobile workforce. So, how advanced is your shadow payroll process?

  • Learn about the challenges associated with shadow payroll process transparency and how automation can solve them.
  • Benchmark your company's shadow payroll process against our best practice model.
  • Discover how some of the most successful companies managing a globally mobile workforce use automation to administer shadow payroll.
  • Build the business case for introducing shadow payroll automation into your business.

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"Assessing a company’s shadow payroll maturity is the starting point to formulate a roadmap to achieve automation efficiencies and gains. What’s important is finding the right level of automation to help meet your company’s near-term and long-term needs."

Richard McBride, CEO, Certino