We make expatriate payroll simple

Certino’s cloud-based expatriate payroll calculation platform simplifies the tax management of employees working internationally.

Partner with us to enhance your offering and generate new revenue streams for your business


We understand that expatriate payroll can be challenging

Certino is here to help. We provide solutions for...

  • Disconnected systems
  • Slow, manual services
  • Lack of shadow payroll expertise
  • Inaccurate calculations
  • Expensive third-party support
  • Implementation challenges
  • Compliance risks

Certino can help you enhance your service, create new revenue streams and delight your clients

Offering an automated shadow payroll solution to your customers can give you a powerful competitive advantage.

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How we solve your expatriate payroll challenges

Fast, accurate and real-time expatriate payroll calculations for your customers


Connect Systems and Business Tools

Seamless integration with your existing suite of tools or technology ecosystem.


Delight Clients

Offer automated shadow payroll as part of your service and generate additional revenue streams with rapid shadow payroll calculations.


Robust Compliance

Mitigate the reputational risk and financial costs of penalties from tax audits (for your customer, their employees and yourself).


Accurate Calculations

Get real-time accurate calculations, not estimates! Our dedicated specialist in-house tax team ensure calculations are in compliance with all legislative rules and regularly update the payroll tax engines.


Create New Revenue Streams

Expand and win new clients quickly without the cost and ongoing administration of setting up your own shadow payroll service or
engaging costly 3rd parties.

Flexibility and customisation

Our dedicated support team can provide quick and easy setup with full training and support. And our two way secure API integrates seamlessly with banking grade security standards.

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Delight your customers with an innovative shadow payroll solution


Our Technology

  • The world’s first SPaaS (Shadow Payroll as a Service), designed and maintained by experienced tax experts.
  • Access our cloud based platform through our intuitive web application or API integration.
  • Calculate shadow payroll for your customers accurately with near global coverage.
  • Calculations returned in seconds not days.
  • Standardised format for data submission and output.
  • Banking grade security and data compliance.

Our Services

  • In-house tax experts accompany the use of our tax engine - including training, integration support and dedicated customer support.
  • Optional additional expert consultancy services to enhance your overall shadow payroll process.
  • Support available to you and your clients depending on the partnership requirements.

Expatriate payroll doesn’t have to be so complex

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