Tax intelligence to reduce the cost of your shadow payroll

“There is a genuine opportunity for a solution which will demystify and enhance shadow payroll compliance with shorter transaction times, yet with reduced and transparent end-to-end costs.”

Andy Seear, Global Head of Employment Taxes, AIG

“An automated shadow payroll solution reduces your business risk and cost, ensures you report the right information in real-time from day one, and enables you to make better business decisions.”

Damian Walsh, Partner, Heidrick & Struggles

“Finally, there is a cure to one of the biggest headaches in mobility – and it even saves you money as well.”

Mark Derksen, Head of International Mobility, Arup

“At last the mobility industry has a proven solution through Certino to mitigate what is one of the least discussed yet biggest risks within mobility.”

Simon Rogers, Managing Partner, Talent Mobility Search

“Shadow payroll is an important hygiene factor in mobility programs. The option to automate and outsource it benefits mobility teams so that they can focus on more strategic topics.”

Chris Debner, Founder, Strategic Global Mobility Advisory

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Who are we?

Certino are the global experts in shadow payroll.

What do we do?

We enable our customers to understand and manage the tax liabilities of an international workforce by automating the end-to-end process.

What are the benefits of what we do?

We reduce costs, simplify compliance and minimize risk for your global operations in a consistent and easy-to-manage way to put you in control of your international tax management.




savings on international employment tax costs



savings on the cost of managing the tax



imposed by tax authorities for non-compliance

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