We make expatriate payroll simple.

Our cloud-based expatriate payroll platform simplifies the tax management of employees working internationally. 

Accurately perform complex calculations such as hypo tax, partial gross ups, shadow payroll and home country social security within seconds, not days.

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What does Certino do?

Put simply…

  • We provide real-time, accurate and cost-efficient monthly expatraite payroll calculations, not estimates.
  • Our solution integrates into existing payroll processes with ease.
  • We help organisations running a shadow payroll to simplify complex tax calculations, remain compliant and reduce costs.
  • We partner with providers of Tax Services, Payroll or Mobility Services to deliver innovative solutions for their customers.

About us


I need expatriate payroll calculations for my clients

Learn how we can support you via our API integration and App to provide to a high-quality, automatic, globally consistent service whilst maximising available profit margins

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Shadow payroll for clients

See how our innovative platform helps organisations save time, reduce costs and stay compliant.

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We work on a country by-country basis, so delivering a single report in the Certino system and immediately providing shadow payroll results was very advantageous to us. This combination of benefits makes Certino unique as a shadow payroll provider.

Benjamin Mueller Senior Tax Specialist, Siemens GMS Tax

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What differentiates Certino and its platform?


  • Its uniqueness - Certino’s platform is the only automated expatriate payroll solution in the market.
  • Its simplicity - professionals can perform complex calculations at the tap of a key
  • Its specialism - Certino’s platform has been developed specifically to manage expatriate payroll calculations including hypo tax, partial gross ups, shadow payroll and home country social security

  • Its speed – Certino’s unique automation technology reduces the time it takes to make shadow payroll calculations from days to seconds.
  • Its accuracy - No more estimates! Real-time, accurate expatriate payroll calculations.
  • Its flexibility - A plug and play solution, accessed through our intuitive web application or API integration.

Where does our solution fit in the payroll process?

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Some of our customers include


Our shadow payroll solutions provide near-global coverage for our customers

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