Certino's New Application for Global Shadow Payroll and Gross-up Calculations

24 November 2023 |

Certino's New Application for Global Shadow Payroll and Gross-up Calculations

Richard McBride

Today, Certino officially launched our new web-based application designed to make gross ups and shadow payroll calculations accessible and manageable for anyone managing expatriate payroll 

The application is the first of its kind, bringing accuracy, accessibility and simplicity to the payroll tax management of mobile employees, enabling global businesses to perform accurate, real-time gross-up and shadow payroll calculations in seconds rather than days, via a user-friendly web based UI.

The application provides a straightforward way to access Certino's proprietary calculation platform. It is a white label product that providers can integrate into their end to end services to enable them to provide accurate, real time calculations within their overall offering, bringing instant benefits such as:

    • Process efficiency - Certino’s pioneering platform makes gross ups and shadow payroll calculations in seconds – enabling your team to provide clients with unparalleled service. The platform can replace at least 70-80% of repetitive, administrative or manual tasks
  • Seamless experience - Users can experience its impact and benefits as a stand alone application, or as an interim before proceeding with an integration of the Certino platform into their existing technology stack.
  • Accuracy and compliance - Certino’s platform performs calculations with exceptional accuracy, significantly reducing the risk that you or your clients will be hit with unexpected costs or fines. 
  • Cost benefits to the business - Certino automates calculations at a fraction of the cost of using a global network of in-country tax professionals
  • Experience to the customer - Payroll operates on a tight monthly timetable and the speed of processing takes a lot of pressure off the customer. In addition, the white label product ensures a seamless integration and is completely invisible to the end customer. 

The application is designed for any provider of shadow payroll services - from established providers seeking to enhance their existing offering to clients, to those starting from scratch in this field. It caters for all shadow payroll requirements as well as gross up calculations. It is ideal for providers looking to whitelabel their own product. 


Mike Hibberd, Founder and CEO at Global Expat Pay, added: “Through working with global mobility leaders, it became clear that calculating shadow payroll was part of our offering that was missing. We didn’t have the ability to automate the expertise required in an area that demands a huge amount. It’s why we partnered with Certino, the best-of-it’s-kind solution, to deliver frictionless, automated shadow payroll calculations to our clients under one simple umbrella service.”

Richard McBride, Managing Director, Certino comments: "Gross ups and shadow payroll are a headache for organisations, but it’s a core and fundamental important service that global businesses demand from their service providers. We are here to help shadow payroll service providers with their offering, it's why Certino is committed to providing a solution that caters to the diverse needs of our users, delivering accuracy, accessibility and simplicity. 

The application is truly a game-changer for organisations involved in global employment tax management, and empowers users to capitalise on the commercial opportunities abound in shadow payroll provision, with complete confidence in the platform’s accuracy.”

Our recent research study found that 93% of accountants say their clients have paid more tax than they were meant to for employees working abroad due to payroll miscalculations. The need for clearer and more effortless solutions is evident. With the Certino Platform’s accuracy, these occurrences are eliminated, and organisations are provided with digitised shadow payroll at speed, enabling them to save time and ensure they remain compliant.

The application launch represents a significant milestone in global employee tax management. By eliminating barriers and revolutionising shadow payroll calculations, Certino is driving innovation and transforming the industry.

To request a demo, please contact us via our consultation page:


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