Global Expat Pay partners with Certino to provide shadow payroll calculations to clients

31 January 2023 |

Global Expat Pay partners with Certino to provide shadow payroll calculations to clients


Partnership furthers Global Expat Pay’s mission to transform Global Mobility through smart technologies and Big Data thinking

Global Expat Pay, is partnering with Certino, the world’s first Shadow Payroll as a Service (SPaaS) platform to provide highly accurate shadow payroll calculations to its clients. 

Global Expat Pay provides the first combined data and payments service, enabling Global Mobility teams to bring data collection, analysis, reporting and payments under one roof – and benefit from significant time and cost efficiencies and accuracy gains. 

The integration of Certino’s tax engine will enable Global Expat Pay to analyse clients’ data and make fast, highly accurate shadow payroll calculations for remote flexible workers or employees on international assignments. The partnership will forge an additional link in Global Expat Pay’s service offering and place the experience of remote and international employees on a par with those working in their home nation. 

The combined “White glove / Tech” service, comprising high quality consultancy and pioneering technology, will enable companies of any size to digitize and automate their global mobility operational business processes, including payroll instructions, tax year end reporting, finance – and now shadow payroll calculations. 

The partnership responds to the increasing complexity of the global mobility landscape, with flexible remote working and foreign assignments becoming more commonplace, and the tax landscape ever more complicated. This means that shadow payroll is becoming an increasingly important, yet difficult, part of the global mobility puzzle. Business leaders are calling on business functions – including Global Mobility – to provide fast, accurate data on operations to inform decision making. At the same time, increasing activity from fiscal authorities is making it more important than ever that data is managed and shared in real time, and payroll reporting is complete and accurate.

Global Expat Pay’s partnership with Certino will enable the business to fully support global mobility professionals to operate in this environment and meet the multiple requirements on them easily and cost effectively.

Mike Hibberd, Founder and CEO, Global Expat Pay comments: “We work with global mobility leaders to understand their needs, their data, and other operational challenges – and to determine how our consultancy and technology enabled managed service can be best applied to make their programme work better. It was becoming increasingly clear that calculating shadow payroll was a missing piece of the puzzle for us – yet this is also an incredibly specialist area that demands a huge amount of expertise. That’s why we have partnered with Certino, the best-of-breed solution in this area, to deliver automated shadow payroll calculations to our clients under one simple umbrella service.”

Richard McBride, Managing Director, Certino comments: “Global Expat Pay’s agility and unique solution make it a very special business – and one we’re hugely excited to partner with. Within the global mobility industry, the advantages of “White glove / Tech” solutions are becoming increasingly apparent. Those that combine quality consultancy with pioneering technology to deliver an exceptional experience to clients. The combined Global Expat Pay / Certino proposition is one such solution. I look forward to working with the business to create a more robust, data-let global mobility function, while improving the experience of mobility managers everywhere.” 

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