Vialto Partners selects Certino as its shadow payroll platform

27 July 2022 | Global Mobility, Shadow Payroll

Vialto Partners selects Certino as its shadow payroll platform

Richard McBride

London 27/07/2022 - Vialto Partners, a leading independent provider of services supporting cross-border employee mobility, has named Certino as its provider of shadow payroll automation technology.

Shadow payroll enables employers to meet host country payroll tax payments and reporting obligations when their employees are working abroad. With international working on the rise and tax rules in flux, accurately calculating shadow payroll is becoming increasingly complex, yet critical for keeping global organisations compliant. The addition of Certino to the Vialto digital platform will enable clients to reduce the process from days—or even weeks—to seconds. 

Vialto selected Certino for the scale, security and simplicity of its solution. Covering 93 jurisdictions and due to grow more soon, Certino is the most comprehensive shadow payroll solution available. Its back-end technology ensures that no client data resides on the platform, enabling Vialto to retain full control of sensitive client information. Certino’s non-disruptive integration methods also mean that the platform can be seamlessly integrated into Vialto’s broader technology ecosystem, providing a seamless experience for clients.

In May, Vialto Partners formally announced the completion of its sale from PwC to funds affiliated with Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R). The company combines the global scale and deep expertise of PwC’s mobility experts, with the agility, energy, and resources of a new company backed by CD&R. The selection of Certino represents Vialto’s ongoing investment in technologies to create a more efficient, end-to-end mobility experience for organizations and their mobile employees. 

“Vialto continues to deliver on its promise to bring fully integrated solutions that create a leap in value for our clients, while improving the experience and reducing the associated burden of managing and navigating through a complex cross border environment,” said Samir Mammadov, Chief Growth Officer with Vialto.  

Richard McBride, CEO, Certino, said “To be chosen as the first and only shadow payroll provider to Vialto is a huge compliment to our team and our product. Our goal is to bring unrivalled accuracy and speed to Vialto’s new business and we look forward to delivering an enhanced customer experience to all current and future clients. The partnership provides the opportunity to drive more value for clients by providing an end-to-end tax compliance experience through one single, sophisticated digital platform.”

"We continue to select and integrate best-in-class digital solutions that provide outstanding value to the organizations we serve, and are pleased to incorporate Certino's shadow payroll technology into our comprehensive suite of offerings." said Shawn McGrath, a partner with Vialto.

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